The People's Gathering

people's gathering
Help build a better democracy in Scotland

The People's Gathering

In this time of change we asked real Scots: who should have power in Scotland?

Most of us agree we should be governed by the people, for the people but do our politicians always know about, or act in the interests of voters?

In July 2012, we held a 'People's Gathering' - a one day assembly of ordinary people to find out their aspirations for Scotland's future democracy.

We asked all our delegates:

  • It's 2030, and Scotland is admired as a shining example of democracy and democratic participation. What three aspects of this society please you most?

The People's Gathering delegates shared ideas about this future, and then spent some time thinking about how we might get there.

The event was a huge success with plenty of exciting discussion and some bold new ideas. The report of the day is available here.

The ideas from the People's Gathering were then discussed and debated during the next stages of our Democracy-Max programme

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