Dropping in on No.10

12 Dec 2014

We were really pleased to join forces with Unlock Democracy yesterday and hand in our petition to the Prime Minister calling for a Constitutional Convention. It was signed by over 15,000 people, as well as a wide range of academics and civil society organisations.


The petition, which comes in advance of the Government’s expected announcement on ‘English Votes for English Laws’, demands that citizens - not politicians - are given the lead in deciding how the UK should be governed. Our call for a Constitutional Convention is supported by four of the five largest UK-wide parties (Labour, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green Party).


2014 Dec Con Con Petition Square share



Signatories to the petition include respected constitutional academics such as Professor Vernon Bogdanor, as well as a range of civil society groups including the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), the British Youth Council and the Democratic Society.



Since the Scottish independence referendum, all the pieces of Britain’s constitutional jigsaw have been thrown into the air. Our demand is simply that citizens should have a say in how those pieces are put back together.


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There is a growing consensus among citizens, academics, civil society groups and political parties that the future of our country should not be decided behind closed doors. We are calling on the Government to listen to that consensus and establish a Constitutional Convention to decide how the UK should be governed. That way, citizens will be given the lead in making crucial decisions about our country’s future.


If you haven't yet signed our petition it's not too late! Add your name