Above The Line Voting

10 Apr 2012

Above the Line Voting - A Response

Last week I wrote about proposals for an ‘Above the line voting’ option for elections to a reformed Upper House. Quite simply we saw it as an opportunity to bring in appointment via the back door. Since then we’ve received two thoughtful counter-arguments, one from Chris Prosser and one from Dr Alan Renwick , which deserve response. Chris Prosser argues that above the line voting would not […]
5 Apr 2012

Serving up a dog’s breakfast

The Urban Dictionary defines a dog’s breakfast as “an unappealing mixture of many things... a hodgepodge... a disorganized mess.” And sadly that’s what the Joint Committee on Lords Reform is offering us with their recommendations on the voting system for the upper house. As the Guardian reports today ; the Committee are backing an ‘Open Preferential Voting System’ – as used in Australia. Voters […]