Annual Conference

25 Jun 2012

Navigating The New Democracy Conference

Blogging live from the Electoral Reform Society conference 'Navigating the New Democracy' on 26 June 2012. 9:00am Delegates are arriving... 09:45 Katie Ghose. We're not doing the painstaking work of building a democracy from scratch but let's not pretend British democracy is 'finished business'. Politics in danger of becoming a minority pursuit. Today is our chance to look at the changes going on […]
25 Jun 2012

Navigating the new Democracy

Katie Ghose , Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society The inaugural Electoral Reform Society conference will ask the big questions about what kind of democracy we want to live in. In the Middle East and North Africa new democracies are struggling into existence and fresh from seeing friends and relatives injured or killed in protests, citizens are queuing round the block to put their […]