BMG Research

5 Sep 2016

Referendums are in vogue - so let's get them right

Referendums are becoming increasingly popular, internationally and domestically. Since the first UK referendum in 1975, the UK has held three nationally, and 11 in UK countries or English regions, with even more at a local level. And since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, two national referendums, a Scottish Independence referendum, and a Welsh devolution referendum have all been held. It […]
16 Jun 2016

Let’s not settle for a low #EUref turnout

It’s generally a fool’s game to predict poll turnout. But there are some signs which can give you a clue. One is how likely people they are to say they’ll vote. Today – with a week to go before the referendum - it’s been revealed that just 62% of Brits say they’ll definitely vote in the EU referendum. Despite this being in many ways being more important than any General Election – it’s a once-in- […]
11 Mar 2016

We can have a #BetterReferendum. Make it happen

If you feel left out in the cold by the EU referendum debate, you’re not on your own. This week we launched new polling showing that just 16% of people feel well-informed about the EU referendum. It’s a fairly shocking indictment on the state of the debate – one which has been dominated by personality politics, rumours of spats and internal party splits, and off-putting negative bickering between […]