Civil Society

4 Mar 2015

#MergerHeWrote: Peter Davies on democracy and the Future Generations Bill

Fresh from launching the ‘ Wales We Want’ report outlining the findings of a major consultation exercise on what kind of country people want for future generations, Peter Davies, Commissioner for Sustainable Futures outlines how the Welsh Government’s Future Generations Bill could improve democracy. Sustainable Development (SD) has been a distinctive dimension in the devolution process for Wales […]
11 Feb 2015

#MergerHeWrote: Steve Reed MP on Sharing Power With Citizens

Our second article in the Merger He Wrote series is from guest writer Steve Reed. Steve is Labour MP for Croydon North, UK Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention, and Hon. President of the Cooperative Councils Innovation Network. He was Leader of Lambeth Council 2006-12. There are 24 councils in the Cooperative Councils Innovation Network right across the UK. Their aim is to transform the way they […]
17 Nov 2014

Friends, Romanians, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Votes...

Turnout has been in the news once again, with a report from the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee advocating bank holidays on election days, votes at 16 and other structural changes to increase turnout. Structural and institutional changes are, of course, a vital component of making it easier and more desirable to vote. Yet, voting is also a social act, and not just about our personal […]
7 Nov 2013

Pausing the Lobbying Bill

The Government’s concession this week to pause and briefly consult on the worst aspects of the deeply flawed Part 2 of the Lobbying Bill demonstrates the power and importance of collective organising and co-operative campaigning. Ministers, MPs and Lords were faced with the united voices of 60 NGOs, charities and other third sector organisations plus hundreds of thousands of their members and […]
26 Jul 2013

A civil referendum

The chances of Scotland having a high-quality and inclusive debate about independence just got significantly higher. The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has given charities and voluntary organisations the green light to campaign during next year’s referendum, whether on the ‘yes’ side or the ‘no’ side . The only proviso is that their campaigning conforms with their charitable aims […]