Constituency Link

10 Oct 2016

A better voting system for the London Assembly

This week is European Local Democracy Week 2016 , and to mark it, we're running a series of articles on how to make the London Assembly more democratic. For the first article in the 'Building a Better London Democracy' series, ERS Policy and Public Affairs Officer Charley Jarrett argues that switching to the Single Transferable Vote for Assembly elections would be better for voters and politics […]
29 Mar 2016

The Irish election: How PR can keep the local link

The General Election in Ireland last month was an earthquake in Irish politics. Ireland now has a vastly more diverse political landscape, with the results a reflection of a major decline in party loyalties - and some big changes to politics more generally – something that is happening across much of Europe. With voters supporting an ever wider range of parties – as well as independents - it’s […]
27 Jul 2015

Does Proportional Representation break the constituency link?

The constituency link is a vital part of British political life; MPs represent local areas and are directly accountable to those areas for their continued careers. If MPs misbehave their constituents have the power to boot them out, and the fear that this might happen keep MPs on the straight and narrow. It is sometimes argued that there is something special about this link between an MP and […]
5 Jul 2010

What does a mandate look like?

You might find this question being revisited a few times over the next 10 months. And that’s because we heard today that the proposed referendum on the Alternative Vote will take place on May 5 th 2011. AV requires every MP to have support of at least 50% of voters. Doesn't seem like a big leap, that is until you look at the numbers, and the General Election gave the majority of our MPs power […]