Democracy Max

5 Sep 2014

A new Scotland

As a politically active individual and an elections geek you’d think I would be excited beyond reason about the independence referendum. In actual fact, I have found the debate to be depressingly repetitive, providing few answers and repeating political dogma. I wish it would end. But I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is the exceptional involvement of Scotland’s citizens […]
12 Jun 2014

The dark and the light

Just when you think the behaviour of the referendum campaigns can’t get any worse, it does. We thought Alistair Darling’s Kim Jong-il comment was a new low in a relentless series of jibes and counter-jibes which have consistently lowered the tone of the most important national conversation in 300 years. And that followed the debate between Nicola Sturgeon and Johanna Lamont earlier in the year, […]
30 May 2014

The Margo way

Today, 30 th May 2014, marks the start of the official campaign period for the Scottish referendum. “But they’ve been campaigning for ages,” I hear you cry. Well yes, but from here on in all the registered campaigners have to abide by Electoral Commission rules on spending and donations, including regular reporting. Other than that, I expect there will be little change, and the visible […]
13 Sep 2013

An antidote to "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"

We are grateful to Shelagh McKinlay for sharing this post which originally appeared at The Electoral Reform Society Scotland (ERS Scotland) has just published a report, “Democracy Max: an Inquiry into the Future of Scottish Democracy”. The report follows a year long process of discussion and deliberation which set out to explore a vision for a good […]
28 Aug 2013

A democratic vision

As Edinburgh’s celebration of artistic endeavour and creativity drew to a close ERS Scotland shared the results of 13 months of political endeavour and creativity with the launch of the Democracy Max vision for a good Scottish democracy . I hesitate to call it ‘our’ vision, because this document isn’t ours to own. It belongs to the hundreds of individuals who gave up their time to share, discuss […]