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22 Apr 2015

A divided democracy

How democratic is Britain? On the face of it, pretty democratic. We tick all the boxes: fair elections, a free press, free speech and assembly, the right to petition and more. But look a little deeper, and there are massive political inequalities that mean the UK is far from as democratic as it could be. Most of us instinctively know this – that some people have far more of a say than others. And […]
4 Mar 2015

#MergerHeWrote: Peter Davies on democracy and the Future Generations Bill

Fresh from launching the ‘ Wales We Want’ report outlining the findings of a major consultation exercise on what kind of country people want for future generations, Peter Davies, Commissioner for Sustainable Futures outlines how the Welsh Government’s Future Generations Bill could improve democracy. Sustainable Development (SD) has been a distinctive dimension in the devolution process for Wales […]
27 Feb 2015

Devo Next

David Cameron and Nick Clegg were in Wales this morning, announcing further powers to be devolved to the Assembly. The UK Government is proposing to devolve control over elections to the National Assembly which would see AMs handed power to: Change the voting system for Assembly and local elections Introduce votes at 16 for Assembly and local elections Increase the number of AMs to cope with […]
22 Jan 2015

Time for a Convention!

Today’s publication of draft legislation to devolve powers to Scotland makes the case for a UK-wide, citizen-led Constitutional Convention ever more pressing. All the parties vowed to devolve more powers to Scotland, and no one is suggesting this should be delayed. But ultimately, today’s announcement raises more questions than it answers. These new powers will have huge implications for the rest […]
16 Dec 2014

The English Question

Today the Government presented a shopping list of solutions to the so-called West Lothian or English Question . The fact it is a shopping list demonstrates that even within the coalition they cannot agree on which solution is best. But that’s not surprising – the chances of cross-party agreement on such a partisan issue are never going to be very high. In any case, trying to tackle a single […]
12 Dec 2014

Dropping in on No.10

We were really pleased to join forces with Unlock Democracy yesterday and hand in our petition to the Prime Minister calling for a Constitutional Convention. It was signed by over 15,000 people, as well as a wide range of academics and civil society organisations. The petition, which comes in advance of the Government’s expected announcement on ‘English Votes for English Laws’, demands that […]
5 Dec 2014

William Hague responds

Last month we joined forces with 27 other democracy experts and civil society organisations to write to William Hague , making the case for a UK-wide, citizen-led Constitutional Convention. We also asked members of the public to co-sign the letter, and over 3,000 people did so. The campaign for a UK-wide process giving citizens the lead on deciding our future is growing every day. Yesterday, we […]
27 Nov 2014

After Smith

Today's Smith Commission report will have a huge impact on the democratic landscape of the UK. It gives Scotland a whole range of new powers, as well as paving the way for a real improvement to Scottish democracy: votes at 16 for Holyrood elections. But it also raises fundamental questions about the future shape of the United Kingdom, and about where power should lie. We believe these questions […]
14 Nov 2014

Updating our democracy

Today the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee has published an excellent report, Voter engagement in the UK . It sets out a series of recommendations on how to re-engage people in our representative democracy. We gave evidence to the Committee earlier in the year, and we're delighted to see some of our recommendations taken forward. Voter disengagement is the central political challenge […]
5 Nov 2014

The view from Manchester

This is a guest post by Shelly Naughton. The views, opinions and positions expressed within are those of the author alone and do not represent those of the Electoral Reform Society. When I woke up yesterday I was full of Manc. Manc to the brim, with a big smile, and then some. The day before we won the Devo Manc lottery: by 2017 Manchester will have an elected Mayor who, along with the ten local […]