14 Oct 2016

Time to beef up the London Assembly?

It’s fair to say that the London Assembly doesn’t get a great deal of attention – despite having a strong claim to being the hub of devolved politics in England. So for European Local Democracy Week we thought we’d shine a spotlight on it. We’ve published four articles on London democracy from key commentators – please read, share, and let us know your thoughts in the comments: 1. For the first […]
13 Oct 2016

It's time to rebalance the powers of the London Mayor and Assembly

This week is European Local Democracy Week 2016 , and to mark it, we're running a series of articles on how to make the London Assembly more democratic. For the first two articles in the 'Building a Better London Democracy' series, ERS Policy and Public Affairs Officer Charley Jarrett argued that switching to the Single Transferable Vote for Assembly elections would be better for voters and […]
6 Jan 2016

2016: A Year in Democracy

Last year was a busy one for democracy – so it was busy for us at the ERS too. We called out the most disproportionate election in British history, brought to light scandals in the House of Lords, ran two ‘ Citizens Assemblies ’, promoted the Proportional Representation Bill , and challenged the government on English Votes for English Laws , votes at 16 , cuts to opposition funding , and a whole […]
20 Nov 2015

Citizens want a say on devolution

Last weekend was the final of two ‘Citizens’ Assemblies’ across the UK as part of a ground-breaking project to engage the public in the devolution debate. And one thing that kept coming up was that citizens want a say over the plans to hand councils more powers. Residents from Southampton, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas took part in first ever ‘ Citizens’ Assembly ’ on local […]
20 Oct 2015

Good news for Welsh elections

The UK Government today released their draft Wales Bill, continuing the process of the Silk Commission through to the St David’s Day declaration. It is clear that these proposals – in particular how powers are delineated between Westminster and Cardiff Bay - will require strong scrutiny. But good consultation - taking in the views of the key players, as well as civil society in Wales - will help […]
20 Jul 2015

Devolution needs democracy - politicians should back fair votes for local government

Tomorrow the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill has its Third Reading in the House of Lords – the final stage before it goes back to the Commons. It’s a Bill that will have a major impact on Britain’s constitution. It’s important to the ERS because so often when politicians, journalists and others talk about localism, they’ve focused on the additional powers that local politicians should […]
17 Jul 2015

"We need a constitutional convention," say ERS, academics and journalists

Today the ERS and 12 senior academics and journalists write in the Times to call for a citizen-led constitutional convention. Lord Purvis' Bill for a Constitutional Convention receives its Second Reading today in the House of Lords, debating the principles of the Bill. We think Peers, MPs and the public should get behind it. With Britain facing so many different constitutional debates, we believe […]
9 Jul 2015

A Democratic Northern Powerhouse

The Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill, currently making its way through the House of Lords, is the flagship legislation that is to allow the Northern Powerhouse to become a reality. It contains the government proposals to devolve power from Westminster to newly-created mayors of combined authorities. The underlying premise of the Northern Powerhouse strategy is that economic growth […]
manchester devolution
25 Feb 2015

Democratising Devo Manc

The ERS has long campaigned for devolution to the local level, but the Society also campaigns for proportional representation at a local level. Here ERS Deputy Chief Executive Darren Hughes outlines why they should go hand in hand. Sign our petition for a fairer local voting system The decision by the government to devolve responsibility for health funding - around £6 billion - to Greater […]
5 Nov 2014

The view from Manchester

This is a guest post by Shelly Naughton. The views, opinions and positions expressed within are those of the author alone and do not represent those of the Electoral Reform Society. When I woke up yesterday I was full of Manc. Manc to the brim, with a big smile, and then some. The day before we won the Devo Manc lottery: by 2017 Manchester will have an elected Mayor who, along with the ten local […]