15 Mar 2016

The government should let union members choose how they vote

Tomorrow, the Chancellor will present his budget for the year ahead. But it’s not the only important thing happening: though it won’t be dominating the headlines, the government’s controversial Trade Union Bill will reach one of its final stages in the House of Lords. What is represents is a last chance for the government to reconsider its position on some seriously contentious parts of the Bill […]
4 Sep 2015

Not such a good idea: Why you should think twice about online voting

The following is a guest blog from Jason Kitcat , who is on the Advisory Council for digital campaigners, the Open Rights Group . At first blush it’s understandable why many would think that Internet voting is a good idea… shouldn’t it be faster, better and cheaper than our current paper-based voting system? Wouldn’t such a modern, convenient system encourage more people to vote? If we can shop […]