24 Oct 2016

It's time to 'take back control' of money in politics

The following is a guest post from Steve Goodrich, Senior Research Officer at Transparency International UK. The views, opinions and positions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Electoral Reform Society. Although Brexit has divided opinion across the country there’s one thing that everyone’s united on: it’s a massive deal. Some see it as a great […]
4 Apr 2016

Mind the #EUref Generation Gap

It’s no news that young people are seen as disengaged from formal politics. But research we released at the weekend shows just how deep that runs when it comes to the EU referendum. We’ve revealed a worrying generation gap in the public’s interest in the EU referendum, as new polling by BMG Research done for us shows that just 21% of 18-24 year olds say they are ‘very interested’ in the EU […]
10 Jul 2015

Time for a constitutional convention for the EU

The standoff between the European Union, the European Central Bank (ECB), and Greece is a crisis born at least partly from a problem with democracy. In the EU as at any other level we hope to be governed by consent. We expect those who rule us to do so with our collective permission. In this crisis the Greek people want one thing and the ECB and the EU want another. And while there is debate over […]
13 Aug 2014

What to do about Europe?

Did you vote in the European elections earlier this year? Perhaps not – it turns out that the 2014 ballot had the lowest ever turnout of any European election, at less than 43% . Shortly before the elections, we published a report giving 12 practical recommendations on how to improve European democracy for British people. The aim was to set out some measures we could take, in the here and now, to […]
4 Jun 2014

Bun-fight in Brussels

This was supposed to be the year it all changed. Since the European Commission's creation, the beginning of each term has been dominated by diplomatic tussling over who would hold its presidency. This process has traditionally been totally removed from the wishes and desires of voters. After each European Parliament election a new President of the Commission, generally the most powerful figure in […]
12 May 2014

One Direction for electing MEPs

We haven't had a high-profile defection in Welsh politics for a while, so it's unsurprising that the hearts of some were set aflutter when the former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney, Amy Kitcher, was reported as saying that she intended to ‘lend’ her vote to Plaid Cymru in this month’s European elections. Amy’s position is yet another example of how our […]
28 Apr 2014

Close the Gap

There is an ever-widening divide between the European institutions and the British people. We are members of the European Union, yet most of us don’t feel part of it or able to shape its policies. We have run a survey showing that three in five people (59%) believe that the European Parliament does not represent the views of voters. And more than a third (35%) say it’s not worth voting at all in […]
24 Mar 2014

Tackling Europe's democratic deficit

Over the last few years, the European democratic deficit has reached almost epic proportions. Nearly three-quarters of the British people believe their voice doesn’t count in the European Union, and 68% don’t trust it. At the last European election only 34% turned out to vote, and it’s unlikely to be much higher this year. We desperately need to close the gap between European affairs and the […]
5 Mar 2014

Clegg v Farage: good for democracy

A date has now been set for Nick Clegg’s debate with Nigel Farage on the merits of Britain’s membership of the European Union. And it’s good news for our democracy. People who are disengaged from party politics often claim it’s because politicians are “all the same” and don’t have any substantive argument with each other; that essentially a consensus has been reached amongst the political elites […]
17 Dec 2012

Europe – Two views from Wales

With the debate on Europe continuing at a pace ERS Cymru has sought to views from Wales on the challenge ahead. Europe isn’t working, but it could Max Clark has been Treasurer for Conservative Future Scotland and has worked as a Researcher for the Welsh Conservative group in the National Assembly for Wales. I sit here writing this article in a state of moderate disbelief. As an enthusiastic euro- […]