Money in Politics

16 Mar 2017

Local spending matters when votes aren't equal

Today we have seen the consequences of a violation of the rules on campaign spending, one facet of the way political parties are funded. Yet the Electoral Commission’s fine of the Conservative party for breaching reporting rules on party spending highlights bigger issues in our political system. Campaign spending rules exist for a key reason. Britain’s first past the post electoral system rewards […]
24 Oct 2016

It's time to 'take back control' of money in politics

The following is a guest post from Steve Goodrich, Senior Research Officer at Transparency International UK. The views, opinions and positions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Electoral Reform Society. Although Brexit has divided opinion across the country there’s one thing that everyone’s united on: it’s a massive deal. Some see it as a great […]
13 Feb 2014

Neglecting Wythenshawe

Voters in Wythenshawe and Sale East are getting an unusual amount of attention as they go to the polls today. In a by-election, the might of parties’ national infrastructure can be concentrated on a single constituency. But as soon as the caravan moves on, voters here will be ritually ignored – just as they usually are. Our research shows that parties spent just 51p per vote in Wythenshawe and […]
15 Aug 2013

Penny for your vote?

Elections in Britain have become the ultimate postcode lottery. Our new report, Penny for your Vote? , shows that the amount of money which parties spend on attracting your vote depends almost entirely on where you live. At the starkest extremes, voters in Bootle are valued 22 times less than those in Luton South . In other words, all votes are not created equal after all. If you live in a […]
18 Jul 2013

The Lobbying Bill: a missed opportunity

Guest writer Robert Barrington is Executive Director of Transparency International UK (TI-UK). This blog was originally published on the TI-UK website When David Cameron said in 2010 that lobbying was 'the next big scandal waiting to happen' he was both right and wrong. Right because it is an area which is ripe for scandal - a potentially unsavoury mix of money, power, politics and special […]