Political Parties

23 Feb 2016

Parties need to open up in the 21st century – including Labour

The following is a report from ERS Cymru’s fringe at Welsh Labour Party conference in Llandudno on the 20 th February on how Labour and other parties should open up and modernise to reflect how voters and democracy has changed. With distrust in politics on the rise and tribal ties breaking down, the challenge for Labour and political parties is more than simply winning an election, said Steve […]
Party special conferences
24 Apr 2015

Going to the party

No, not that kind of party - we're talking about special party conferences. A key lesson of our recent ‘ Working Together ’ report on power-sharing was coalition deals need to have the support of their party members; otherwise it’s a recipe for internal unrest, antipathy and a perceived lack of legitimacy. “The two key things to getting coalitions to work are legitimacy and negotiation.” These […]