PR Myths

27 Jul 2015

Does Proportional Representation break the constituency link?

The constituency link is a vital part of British political life; MPs represent local areas and are directly accountable to those areas for their continued careers. If MPs misbehave their constituents have the power to boot them out, and the fear that this might happen keep MPs on the straight and narrow. It is sometimes argued that there is something special about this link between an MP and […]
23 Jun 2015

Does Proportional Representation give too much power to small parties?

It’s sometimes claimed that under proportional representation (PR), tiny parties have a lot of power, as they get to decide who to go into coalition with and therefore who forms the government. Under First Past the Post (FPTP), these people say, the party that the biggest share of the vote gets to be in power. Analysis of what actually happens under coalition governments however shows that the […]
5 Jun 2015

Did Proportional Representation put the Nazis in power?

Probably the first time many of us heard of Proportional Representation (PR) was in a school classroom studying the Second World War. For some people this may have been the last time they heard about other voting systems, and the bizarre myth that it was a proportional voting system which caused WWII – not things like, say, crumbling empires, xenophobia and economic collapse. The myth about […]