Rotten Boroughs

23 Jul 2014

Inside a rotten borough

This is a guest post by Craig Lawton, chairman of Swansea West Conservatives. The views, opinions and positions expressed within are those of the author alone and do not represent those of the Electoral Reform Society. A few weeks ago, while the majority of the population (or at least the majority of those that are interested in politics) had their eyes trained on the Newark by-election, a few […]
11 Nov 2013

Northern Blues

Today we are launching Northern Blues: the Conservative case for electoral reform . This is the first of two reports looking at the case for proportional representation (PR) in local elections from the point of view of the two biggest parties. Our aim with these reports is to show how PR could play out for Labour and the Conservatives in England and Wales, drawing insights from two sets of […]
17 Apr 2013

Do you live in a Rotten Borough?

With this year’s county council elections only a few weeks away, we’ve undertaken new analysis that has revealed the parlous state of local democracy in England and Wales. Evidence shows 21 million people are now living in the local government equivalent of ‘One Party States’ – with single parties holding undeserved supermajorities, and other parties incapable of providing viable opposition. One […]