Safe Seats

4 Jan 2016

Our top ten most read blogs of 2015

2015 was the busiest year ever for the Electoral Reform Society blog, with monthly readership over double the level we had in 2014. As we get stuck in to 2016, we thought we’d look back over the top ten most read blogs of 2015. The dash for cash At number ten we had the news from May that over £100,000,000 was donated to ten political parties in the run up to the 2015 election, more than double […]
1 Jun 2015

A system in crisis

It’s official: this election was the most disproportionate in UK history. We’ve just released our new report on the May 7th General Election, 'A Voting System in Crisis'. And it makes for worrying reading for fans of democracy. The report , launched today, has already hit the headlines, with ERS Chief Executive Katie Ghose appearing on BBC Breakfast, the Today programme, Daily Politics, Radio 5 […]
Nail in the coffin
11 May 2015

Nail in the Coffin

Well, it’s all over. All the months of campaigning have resulted in an election outcome which few predicted. It was a good night for the bookies, and a bad night for the pollsters – but it was an even worse night for our broken voting system. Because one thing is clear: Thursday was the nail in the coffin for First Past the Post. Our analysis has shown something that will come as little surprise […]
1 May 2015

Election Cancelled

There has been a shocking increase in the number of uncontested seats in some English councils up for election this May. The Eden District Council in Cumbria has already declared 21 of its 38 available seats, meaning that a clear majority of the council (55%) has been returned before the election has even taken place. This is up from 50% of seats in 2011. Similarly, in South Northamptonshire in […]
10 Apr 2015

Do you live in a safe seat?

The outcome of this election is, on the whole, unpredictable. Who will form the next government is the question on everyone’s lips. But in hundreds of seats across the country, people already know the result. In Britain’s many ‘safe seats’, this election’s outcome is sadly a foregone conclusion. In fact, so safe are some of these seats that we’re confidently predicting the outcome in 368 […]
16 May 2014

38,000 denied a vote

Tens of thousands of people across England are being denied a vote in next week's local elections, owing to the undemocratic phenomenon of uncontested seats. In this year’s elections there are seven wards which are ‘uncontested’, ie which are only being contested by one political party. These uncontested wards are: Otmoor , Cherwell District Council (Conservative, Oxfordshire) Walton South , […]
15 Aug 2013

Penny for your vote?

Elections in Britain have become the ultimate postcode lottery. Our new report, Penny for your Vote? , shows that the amount of money which parties spend on attracting your vote depends almost entirely on where you live. At the starkest extremes, voters in Bootle are valued 22 times less than those in Luton South . In other words, all votes are not created equal after all. If you live in a […]
27 Mar 2013

South Shields: Why bother with a by-election?

After David Miliband’s shock resignation we’re looking at a by-election in South Shields. At the Electoral Reform Society we care about elections. But in the case of South Shields we’re wondering what’s the point? The Tyne and Wear seat hasn't changed hands since 1935. It’s among Labour's safest. With the result of the election known today, couldn’t we could forgo the ‘formalities’ of an election […]
3 Apr 2012

The best of the worst of 2011’s local elections

Yesterday Ed Miliband fired the starter’s pistol on this year’s local election season . On May 3 rd we’ll see the results. The sad thing is we already know what we can expect. It happens every year - voters with little to no control over who speaks for them in their own town halls. Yesterday we heard from Vernon Bogdanor on the problems at the heart of local democracy in the UK. As a part of a […]
6 Apr 2010

One Country, Two Parilaments, Two Elections

Gordon Brown has finally confirmed what we’ve all known for months. We’re facing a general election on May 6 th But what could be a better way to get started than to start crunching some of the numbers – on the 382 MPs who’ve already won office, no campaign required. Here's a taster. So with the starter’s pistol fired, we know the results in most of our parliament. Well think of it as the […]