7 Feb 2012

Asking the important questions

The likelihood of Scotland voting in a referendum on independence was something most Scots had accepted would occur at some stage before the next Scottish Parliament election in 2016. We talked about it in passing, but we didn’t really know how or when it would happen. Suddenly then, in January this year, the debate became all about details. Could a referendum be legally binding? Could an […]
18 Nov 2011

Is Scottish Democracy failing to realise dream of devolution?

The Electoral Reform Society Scotland recently held an event to launch our report examining the “remarkable” results of the May 2011 Scottish Parliamentary election. Under the heading ‘A health check’, report co-author; Professor Curtice, examined the potential problems revealed by close analysis of the 2011 election and answered questions from MSPs and journalists who came along to join the […]
14 Oct 2011

One Size Doesn't Fit All - Scotland’s New Political Map

This week we’ve had a glimpse of Scotland’s new political map . The Boundary Commission for Scotland, acting on the government’s ‘Reduce and Equalise’ legalisation, has produced a new set of boundaries, cutting the total number of seats from 59 to 52 while ensuring that there is no more than 5% variance between seat sizes. These proposals come little over a week after Baroness Warsi dubbed the […]
25 Jun 2010

Does Size Matter?

We’re hearing a new line on the proposed reduction of the House of Commons. Nick Clegg told the Commons yesterday that “We have a more oversized lower Chamber than any other bicameral system in the developed world.” By our reckoning, there are only ten countries with bicameral systems in the developed world (fourteen if you include presidential systems with bicameral legislatures), so it’s a […]
3 May 2010

Where to with coalitions?

Talk is now firmly on coalition building. But how do you start? The idea that the party with most votes has the ‘strongest’ mandate must be treated with caution as our voting system gives a very distorted picture. This is not a national contest for a national leader. This is a series of 650 local contests for local representatives, under a blunt winner takes all system. That’s why both main […]
8 Apr 2010

Follow the Leader

We guested on Newsnight Scotland last night with our story about all the seats where the campaign is already over. And they picked a pretty arresting comparison for their intro. And we're wishing we'd thought of it first... Why is much of Scotland like Mississippi at election time? they asked. Because their voters are invisible too. So we had a little look across the pond. Our US opposite numbers […]