8 Jul 2016

Why electoral reform is a trade union issue

This is an article from Rory Scothorne and Josiah Mortimer ahead of the Unite union's policy conference starting this weekend. The text is from the ERS' new trade union leaflet ' Trade Unions and Electoral Reform ', and follows an overwhelming vote at last year's TUC conference to look again at the need for electoral reform. The image, from the British Library, is of a Chartist meeting held at […]
15 Sep 2015

TUC Congress: A historic moment for electoral reform

Yesterday may well be remembered as a historic day for the campaign for electoral reform. At the TUC Congress in Brighton, trade unions voted by a large margin to consider electoral reform - just two days after the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the new Labour leader. It’s an important move because unions were some of the main opponents of change in the 2011 Alternative Vote referendum. Now they […]