United States of America

1 Feb 2016

Iowan Explanation - The raucous in the caucus explained

No election grabs the world’s attention quite like an American election does. This is largely because whatever else might be the case, the US is still the world’s superpower. But there is also something inherently dramatic about the US political process, with its attack ads , colourful politicians and lengthy campaigns. Today marks the beginning of the US contest, with the Iowa Caucuses marking […]
8 Apr 2010

Follow the Leader

We guested on Newsnight Scotland last night with our story about all the seats where the campaign is already over. And they picked a pretty arresting comparison for their intro. And we're wishing we'd thought of it first... Why is much of Scotland like Mississippi at election time? they asked. Because their voters are invisible too. So we had a little look across the pond. Our US opposite numbers […]