Voting Systems

4 Mar 2015


I’m pleased to be going to Green Party conference at the ACC Liverpool this weekend, representing the ERS. Sign our petition to introduce proportional representation for local elections There’s lots to be discussed at the upcoming conference, as it’s an exciting time for the Greens in the run-up to the election, particularly with a rising membership. But the party has to deal with an extremely […]
21 Nov 2014

Reckless choices?

After Clacton, comes Rochester and Strood. At the start of the campaign, the Conservatives felt they stood a good chance of winning this second by-election caused by a Conservative MP defecting to UKIP. In comparison to Clacton, it should have been a much easier ride. Clacton is the most demographically friendly seat to UKIP in the country. Douglas Carswell is a high-profile local MP with a well- […]
21 May 2014

The new rotten boroughs?

How would you like to live in a one party state? You may wonder why anyone would ask given that this is the UK, not North Korea. After all, we can all vote tomorrow if we choose to ( or nearly all, at least ). But rather worryingly, this question is more relevant than it might seem. According to Electoral Reform Society projections, in tomorrow’s local elections it’s likely that another 16 local […]
17 Jul 2013

A multitude of voting systems

Guest writer Mike Hedges is Welsh Assembly member for Swansea East The voting system that we use has a major effect on the election result. Examples abound but the clearest is the National Assembly for Wales system. If the Assembly were to be elected solely by the First Past the Post (FPTP) electoral system by Welsh constituencies, the results would provide 28 Labour and 12 non-Labour members (6 […]
30 Apr 2012

How to cast an effective vote this Thursday

This Thursday there are local elections in England, Scotland and Wales, and London mayoral and assembly elections. While 20 years ago this would mean the use of just one electoral system – First Past the Post, today Britain has an almost countless number of electoral systems. The trouble with electoral systems is that they don’t necessarily produce the result you want. Depending on the electoral […]