Welsh Labour

23 Feb 2016

Parties need to open up in the 21st century – including Labour

The following is a report from ERS Cymru’s fringe at Welsh Labour Party conference in Llandudno on the 20 th February on how Labour and other parties should open up and modernise to reflect how voters and democracy has changed. With distrust in politics on the rise and tribal ties breaking down, the challenge for Labour and political parties is more than simply winning an election, said Steve […]
19 Mar 2012

Reporting back from Welsh Labour Conference

By Owain Llyr ap Gareth, Research and Campaigns Officer, Electoral Reform Society Wales After entering the empty room an hour before the first of our two fringe meetings at the Welsh Labour conference - looking at the rows of empty seats, nursing a quickly stolen cup of coffee before steeling myself for another pass through the conference with leaflets - it came as something of a relief to come […]