We can have a #BetterReferendum. Make it happen

11 Mar 2016

If you feel left out in the cold by the EU referendum debate, you’re not on your own.

This week we launched new polling showing that just 16% of people feel well-informed about the EU referendum.

It’s a fairly shocking indictment on the state of the debate – one which has been dominated by personality politics, rumours of spats and internal party splits, and off-putting negative bickering between the two campaigns.

We think the British public deserve a better referendum than that. So we’ve decided to do something about it.

The launch of our polling this week was covered by The Sun, The Times, CityAM in London and The Herald in Scotland, we even got on ITV and Radio 4. And we’ve got lots more to say and lots more work on this referendum to come.

Voters want to see a positive campaign that deals with the issues – not a Westminster parlour game dramatized by journalists in Fleet Street.

Crucially, they want the facts, they want a balanced debate, and they need a space to discuss this in an informed way – both online and offline.

Yet, surprisingly, there’s currently nowhere to do this – to get all the facts and the main arguments on both sides, and then to debate them. So we’re going to take up the mantle.

Here’s the plan. We’re going to set up an online tool – a hub for both quality information and discussion for voters to make up their minds, away from the ‘he said/she said’ petty gossip of the campaign thus far.

And it will enable voters to set up local meetings with others in their area to discuss the referendum and the real issues – so that we have a truly grassroots conversation in the run up to June.

We want the highest quality public debate. Where everyone feels informed, not just that lucky one-in-six.

We need your help to do it - we have to raise £5,000 in order to design, set up and run this democratic hub for the rest of the campaign.

And we need to raise it by May 5th – the date of the local, Scottish Parliamentary and Assembly elections.

After that, it’s full steam ahead on the EU referendum campaign – and voters need to have the choices laid out in a clear and impartial way.

Please help us create THE definitive source of facts and debate on the referendum, and the only space to set up a real grassroots conversation.

We can have a better referendum. Now let’s make it happen.


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albert meehan 17 Mar 2016

When you eventully produce your EU referendum material can you please include an independent running poll which would run up to the Referendum.
Obviously this should be
*  Stay in the EU
*  Leave the EU
*  Don't know
*  Gender

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