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Democracy Max

Report of the first phase of the Democracy Max programme

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What is the Single Transferable Vote?

The Single Transferable Vote explained.

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The UK General Election 2010: In-depth

Report and Analysis of the 2010 General Election, by Lewis Baston

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Why Alternative Vote?

The case for reform

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What is AV?

The Alternative Vote explained.

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Women in Politics

2010 Election Wallchart

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2010 General Election wall chart

Election wallchart

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Voting in the UK

Fact Book. Clear explanations of all UK elections.

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Voter disengagement

An analysis of political disengagment and what can be done about it.

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Review of Voting Systems (Condensed)

Key findings from the Ministry of Justice ‘Review of Voting Systems’ Foreword by Richard Burden MP, Chair of the All Party Group on Electoral Reform.

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