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25th November 2013
25 Nov 2013
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Tomorrow's Party: where next for Britain's ailing political tribes?

Boothroyd Room, Houses of Parliament


  • Stella Creasy MP
  • Tim Farron MP
  • Sarah Wallaston MP
  • Richard Harrington MP
  • Matthew Taylor (chief executive of the RSA)
  • Chair: Katie Ghose (ERS)
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Since the 1950s, membership of Britain’s main political parties has fallen gradually from the millions to the hundreds of thousands, and continues to decline. Some reports have the Conservatives at less than 100,000 members now, with Labour not faring much better and the Liberal Democrats at under 50,000.

Meanwhile, the public’s trust in political parties has reached new lows. Two-thirds now believe parties are corrupt, and this mistrust of parties chimes with wider trends in political disengagement and lack of faith in political institutions.
Faced with these and other existential threats, where next for Britain’s mainstream political parties?
This event brings together leading politicians and thinkers to discuss what can be done to remake parties in the image of the 21st rather than 19th century. The panel will explore new developments in party models, such as community organising, primaries, direct democracy, the Obama model and populist messaging.
The event marks the launch of a major programme of work by the Electoral Reform Society, focusing on how to close the growing divide between people and political parties.

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