Our Partners

Our Partners
Working with Scotland's civil society
Democracy Max

Our Partners

We're working with organisations across Scottish civil society. Find out more about our partners.

The Future of Scotland

We are an alliance of civil society organisations in Scotland. Civil society is independent of government and works with citizens to promote the interests and views of communities. Our group includes organisations from the third sector, unions and churches. www.futureofscotland.org  

Institute of Governance

The Institute of Governance at the University of Edinburgh is a centre of research expertise on multi-level politics and territorial identity. We are firmly committed to informing wider public, policy and political debate. We have a strong track record of liaising and working with the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament, MSPs and parliamentary staff, Scottish and UK civil servants, business, the media and others. www.institute-of-governance.org

Other organisations participating in the Democracy Max programme include:

For more information about getting involved contact: Willie Sullivan: willie.sullivan@electoral-reform.org.uk or Juliet Swann: juliet.swann@electoral-reform.org.uk