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The Liberal Democrat case for local electoral reform

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building a better democracy

Our strategy 2013-15

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What is the Single Transferable Vote?

The Single Transferable Vote explained.

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Why Alternative Vote?

The case for reform

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What is AV?

The Alternative Vote explained.

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STV in the USA

A short history of STV in the United States.

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Review of Voting Systems (Condensed)

Key findings from the Ministry of Justice ‘Review of Voting Systems’ Foreword by Richard Burden MP, Chair of the All Party Group on Electoral Reform.

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The facts and the fiction on Proportional Representation. Preface by Vernon Bogdanor.

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The Alternative Vote: Questions Answered

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Votes at 16 Report

This pamphlet brings together 16 reasons to lower the voting age to 16 in all UK public elections and explains why reform is necessary, fair and long overdue.

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