Constitutional Convention

24 Nov 2015

Caroline Lucas MP: "We can’t let our constitution be rewritten behind closed doors"

This is a guest post from Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion Devolution deals signed across the country with barely any public involvement, and a review of the House of Lords led by a Conservative hereditary Peer – it seems that our constitution is being re-shaped behind closed doors. Let’s start with devolution. Plans to hand councils more powers are being signed across the country as we […]
17 Sep 2015

The Scottish people should be involved in the devolution debate

Yesterday (Wednesday 16th September) the Scottish Parliament debated ‘Scotland’s Future: Democracy and Devolution’. One year on from the independence referendum, and with the Scotland Bill due to go to report stage in the next few weeks, this debate offered parliamentarians the chance to reflect on the debate in the run up to September 18th 2014, and to consider progress on promised further […]
11 Sep 2015

Democracy Matters: Why we’re launching our own Citizens’ Assemblies

With so many constitutional debates flying around – and so little public involvement in them – we think it’s time for citizens to have a say about where power should lie in the UK. So next week, leading academics and civil society organisations (including ourselves) will be launching a major democratic project in Parliament. The Economic & Social Research Council-funded ‘Citizens’ Assembly’ […]
17 Jul 2015

"We need a constitutional convention," say ERS, academics and journalists

Today the ERS and 12 senior academics and journalists write in the Times to call for a citizen-led constitutional convention. Lord Purvis' Bill for a Constitutional Convention receives its Second Reading today in the House of Lords, debating the principles of the Bill. We think Peers, MPs and the public should get behind it. With Britain facing so many different constitutional debates, we believe […]
10 Jul 2015

Time for a constitutional convention for the EU

The standoff between the European Union, the European Central Bank (ECB), and Greece is a crisis born at least partly from a problem with democracy. In the EU as at any other level we hope to be governed by consent. We expect those who rule us to do so with our collective permission. In this crisis the Greek people want one thing and the ECB and the EU want another. And while there is debate over […]
9 Jul 2015

A Democratic Northern Powerhouse

The Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill, currently making its way through the House of Lords, is the flagship legislation that is to allow the Northern Powerhouse to become a reality. It contains the government proposals to devolve power from Westminster to newly-created mayors of combined authorities. The underlying premise of the Northern Powerhouse strategy is that economic growth […]
15 Jun 2015

Magna Carta and the case for a Constitutional Convention

The fractious reality of Britain’s contemporary political scene demands that a new approach be taken to constitutional issues. The myriad debates over the nature and extent of devolution, Britain’s relationship with the European Union, the possibility of English Votes for English Laws, and the rolling devolution of power to city regions in England all point to the need for a thorough re- […]
27 Feb 2015

Devo Next

David Cameron and Nick Clegg were in Wales this morning, announcing further powers to be devolved to the Assembly. The UK Government is proposing to devolve control over elections to the National Assembly which would see AMs handed power to: Change the voting system for Assembly and local elections Introduce votes at 16 for Assembly and local elections Increase the number of AMs to cope with […]
22 Jan 2015

Time for a Convention!

Today’s publication of draft legislation to devolve powers to Scotland makes the case for a UK-wide, citizen-led Constitutional Convention ever more pressing. All the parties vowed to devolve more powers to Scotland, and no one is suggesting this should be delayed. But ultimately, today’s announcement raises more questions than it answers. These new powers will have huge implications for the rest […]
16 Dec 2014

The English Question

Today the Government presented a shopping list of solutions to the so-called West Lothian or English Question . The fact it is a shopping list demonstrates that even within the coalition they cannot agree on which solution is best. But that’s not surprising – the chances of cross-party agreement on such a partisan issue are never going to be very high. In any case, trying to tackle a single […]