17 May 2017

The drop in attainers on the electoral roll should worry us all

With a week to go before the cut off for registering to vote for the general election on June 8th, our research has shown that the proportion of school leavers on the electoral roll dropped by over a quarter between 2013 and 2016. Why does it matter that? Most of those school leavers are now 18 or over, and would have been eligible to vote in this election. In the UK you can go on the electoral […]
8 May 2017

‘Progressive alliances’ shouldn’t be necessary: they’re product of a broken voting system

First published in the New Statesman There’s a lot of talk about June 8 th being the ‘tactical voting’ election. This past couple of weeks we’ve seen the latest symptom: parties doing the tactical voting on behalf of the electorate – weeks before polling day. ‘Holding your nose’ has long been a feature under Westminster’s broken first past the post system – opting for the ‘lesser evil’ to stop […]