Local Democracy

27 Apr 2017

Where are the women in May's local election?

Jess Blair highlights the problem of diversity ahead of next week’s council elections. Since the Prime Minister’s unexpected announcement of a General Election last week there’s been little time to talk of anything else. Our 24 hour news cycle is now dominated by images of May, Corbyn et al traveling the country and trying to persuade us voters that they are the right choice to lead after June […]
19 Apr 2017

Democracy, Diversity and English Devolution

The excitement of the general election aside, it’s important to remember that there are other important elections coming up – ones that have gone largely under the national radar. As well as important local elections in Scotland, Wales and much of England, the first ‘metro-mayors’ will be elected. Six new city-region mayors will be elected with wide-ranging powers over the local economy, […]
14 Mar 2017

An exciting time to join ERS Cymru

As she joins us as the new Director of ERS Cymru, Jess Blair sets out the challenges and opportunities for deepening Welsh democracy. In the last twelve months the political landscape across the world has fundamentally changed. We've seen the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU, President Trump's inauguration and two elections in Northern Ireland. This year looks set to be no less […]
14 Oct 2016

Time to beef up the London Assembly?

It’s fair to say that the London Assembly doesn’t get a great deal of attention – despite having a strong claim to being the hub of devolved politics in England. So for European Local Democracy Week we thought we’d shine a spotlight on it. We’ve published four articles on London democracy from key commentators – please read, share, and let us know your thoughts in the comments: 1. For the first […]
14 Oct 2016

How to give the London Assembly the clout it needs

This week is European Local Democracy Week 2016 , and to mark it, we've been running a series of articles on how to make the London Assembly more democratic. Today, Martin Hoscik , Editor of MayorWatch , gives his view on what reforms could be made to strengthen the clout of the Assembly to hold the Mayor to account. This is an external guest blog, and the views, opinions and positions expressed […]
13 Oct 2016

It's time to rebalance the powers of the London Mayor and Assembly

This week is European Local Democracy Week 2016 , and to mark it, we're running a series of articles on how to make the London Assembly more democratic. For the first two articles in the 'Building a Better London Democracy' series, ERS Policy and Public Affairs Officer Charley Jarrett argued that switching to the Single Transferable Vote for Assembly elections would be better for voters and […]
20 Jul 2015

Devolution needs democracy - politicians should back fair votes for local government

Tomorrow the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill has its Third Reading in the House of Lords – the final stage before it goes back to the Commons. It’s a Bill that will have a major impact on Britain’s constitution. It’s important to the ERS because so often when politicians, journalists and others talk about localism, they’ve focused on the additional powers that local politicians should […]
17 Jun 2015

Don't let fewer Welsh County Councils mean less democracy for Wales

[ Gallwch ddarllen y blog yma yn y Gymraeg ] Today, Public Services Minister Leighton Andrews announces the new proposed map for Local Authorities in Wales, with plans to reduce the number of County Councils from 22 to 8 or 9. This follows the recent White Paper ‘Power to Local People’ which outlined ways to ensure communities had a say in decisions that affect them. Electoral Reform Society (ERS […]