one party states

19 Apr 2017

Democracy, Diversity and English Devolution

The excitement of the general election aside, it’s important to remember that there are other important elections coming up – ones that have gone largely under the national radar. As well as important local elections in Scotland, Wales and much of England, the first ‘metro-mayors’ will be elected. Six new city-region mayors will be elected with wide-ranging powers over the local economy, […]
21 May 2014

The new rotten boroughs?

How would you like to live in a one party state? You may wonder why anyone would ask given that this is the UK, not North Korea. After all, we can all vote tomorrow if we choose to ( or nearly all, at least ). But rather worryingly, this question is more relevant than it might seem. According to Electoral Reform Society projections, in tomorrow’s local elections it’s likely that another 16 local […]
6 Jun 2013

China on the the Irwell

Guest writer Stephen Kingston is editor of the Salford Star For the past week Salford Star - a seven year old award winning community publication once in print and now online – has been on strike. We have no bosses and, as volunteers, we don’t get paid, so the idea of going on strike seems like madness. On strike against who? On strike against what? We are on strike to show what Salford would be […]