Police and Crime Commissioners

10 May 2016

8 things last week’s elections tell us about Britain’s changing politics

Last week’s ‘Super Thursday’ of elections was gold-dust for democracy lovers. It saw elections in Wales and London for their Assemblies, in Scotland for the Holyrood Parliament, in councils across England, in England and Wales for the Police and Crime Commissioners, and for Mayors in London, Bristol, Salford and Liverpool. Here are seven things we can learn from Super Thursday: 1. Politics is […]
19 Mar 2013

Never again

It’s Official! Everyone (apart from the Home Office) who has looked at the elections for police and crime commissioners (PCCs) say they should never be allowed to happen that way again. At the Electoral Reform Society we’ve been pointing out these failures for some time. Even before the poll took place we said government mishandling would lead to a turnout of 18.5%. This earned a sharp rebuke […]
24 Feb 2013

The price of failure on PCC elections

On 15 November 2012 English and Welsh voters went to the polls to elect the first Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs). As we anticipated the election saw the lowest turnout in peacetime history with only 15.1% of voters turning out. The Home Office stated a desire to “empower the public - increasing local accountability and giving the public a direct say on how their streets are policed” . […]
22 Nov 2012

"Aren’t you a bit small to be our Police and Crime Commissioner?"

Jane Basham was the Labour PCC candidate for Suffolk “Nearly toppled the establishment…” .....Is what colleagues have said after my performance in the recent Police and Crime Commissioner elections. I stood as the Labour Party candidate in Suffolk, a largely safe Conservative county with 7 Conservative MPs, only one of which is a woman. Out of 4 Commissioner candidates in Suffolk I was the only […]
20 Nov 2012

What kept people at home.

Following the ‘comedy of errors’ election we decided to have a look at what kept people at home. We sent some questions to field as the Police and Crime Commissioner results were still coming in. And as the Guardian reports today the findings have landed and here’s what we’ve learned. Polling by Populus. Fieldwork 16 th - 19 th November 2012 That facts are that more people disagreed with the idea […]
19 Nov 2012

PCC elections: What price democracy?

Over the weekend we helped the Mail on Sunday with a few numbers. They asked us how much it cost to get a single person out to vote for Thursday’s Police and Crime Commissioner Elections. Easy we said. Fifteen minutes later and the results were stark: £14 a vote . The results were even starker when we had a look at every major national vote in the last decade: Estimated Costs Total Turnout Cost […]
17 Nov 2012

Government responsible for feeble mandates

We've had the lowest turnout in British history, but what does that mean for mandates? We've crunched the numbers and just 1 Police and Crime Commissioner has a mandate delivered by more than 1 in 10 potential voters. It's clear our new Commissioners worked hard getting elected under incredibly difficult circumstances, and the Government did them no favours. These feeble mandates were guaranteed […]
13 Nov 2012

Getting the message out In Sheffield

Vicky Seddon, Coordinator of Sheffield for Democracy In the absence of a properly run set of elections for the new post of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), Sheffield First Partnership, Sheffield for Democracy and the Star Newspaper banded together to host a hustings event. We took it upon ourselves to organise this meeting because the utter lack of information available for local voters has […]
5 Nov 2012

Accessibility of PCC candidate information by disabled people

By Chris Rossiter The forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections have been a big topic of discussion recently. Regardless of how one feels about the value and purpose of these newly created roles, I doubt many people would argue against providing adequate information to the electorate. PCCs will have extensive powers to set policing priorities and budgets, as well as hiring and […]
31 Oct 2012

First Time Nerves?

It’s become the Government’s Get out of Jail Free card. Accept that turnout in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections will be on the floor - but add that “first elections are always difficult”. Today David Cameron added his name to the list – explaining at PMQs that of course this was always going to happen – it’s a “first election.” The PM’s comments follow a week of chaos as £350,000 of […]