27 Apr 2015

Who’s afraid of sharing power?

If you were to judge British public opinion from newspaper headlines, you would assume we were terrified of the idea of political parties working together. The horror stories of smaller parties ‘holding the country to ransom’ suggest an electorate fearful of multi-party politics and utterly committed to the old model of single-party majority rule. But this ignores an inconvenient truth – Britons […]
Party special conferences
24 Apr 2015

Going to the party

No, not that kind of party - we're talking about special party conferences. A key lesson of our recent ‘ Working Together ’ report on power-sharing was coalition deals need to have the support of their party members; otherwise it’s a recipe for internal unrest, antipathy and a perceived lack of legitimacy. “The two key things to getting coalitions to work are legitimacy and negotiation.” These […]
20 Apr 2015

Taking your time

Some things can be done in a hurry, but forming a Government certainly shouldn't be one of them. In our recent report, Working Together , we set out the guidelines for forming power-sharing arrangements based on the experience of successful coalition and minority governments in Scotland, Wales and across the world. In 2010, the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives attempted to plan five years of […]
30 Mar 2015

How popular is power-sharing?

Yesterday the views of Brits were unveiled to the world. And in some ways, they make for some startling reading. The British Social Attitudes Survey – a renowned national study of voters’ opinions – was released on Thursday. It covers all sorts of issues on what citizens think. But a few things stood out for us. Firstly, just 17% say they trust governments “just about always” or “most of the time […]