TV debates

29 Jan 2016

The TV debates in Wales need to include all six parties

It’s less than 100 days until the Assembly elections in Wales (and Scotland, Northern Ireland and the London Assembly for that matter). The election debate is heating up. So broadcasters are making their plans for televised election broadcasts – including who exactly will feature on them… Electoral Reform Society Cymru are calling on media outlets in Wales to include all six major parties in […]
23 Feb 2015

Commit, don't cop out

Today saw the broadcasters agree – by lot – who would host each of the three upcoming televised General Election debates. It’s a welcome development in what has been a fairly chaotic few months for them, as they seek agreement on who will be on the platform, when to host them, who will moderate them, etc. But finally we have some closure. Or do we? Sadly the parties’ commitment to the debates […]