31 Oct 2016

Calling for ‘progressive alliances’ is brave. But it should never be necessary

This article was first published at LabourList Last week, three Labour MPs did something that takes courage. In calling for Labour to stand aside in Richmond Park, they were pushing for a more collaborative form of politics – one of pluralism and inter-party cooperation. On Wednesday, they wrote for LabourList: “If there is any chance of kicking Goldsmith out of Parliament, the vote against him […]
6 Sep 2016

ERS Quiz UKIP's Leadership Candidates on Democratic Reform

UKIP’s leadership election is in full swing, with the results announced on the 16 th September. At the ERS, we’re running Q&As with the leadership candidates for UKIP – as well as the Labour Party, which is also currently in the midst of a leadership election. Last month we quizzed the Green Party’s leadership candidates on democratic reform too – see the answers here . We’ve asked UKIP’s […]
12 Sep 2011

From Eastbourne to Sheffield – conference season begins

Conference season kicked off this weekend with the UKIP conference in Eastbourne and the Greens in Sheffield. Arran Cottam, Sheffield for Democracy, Caroline Lucas MP, Katie Ghose (ERS) and Jean Lambert MEP The Electoral Reform Society attended both conferences and held two well-attended fringe events to consider the future of democracy in the UK. There's a lot that divides these two parties but […]