23 Feb 2016

Parties need to open up in the 21st century – including Labour

The following is a report from ERS Cymru’s fringe at Welsh Labour Party conference in Llandudno on the 20 th February on how Labour and other parties should open up and modernise to reflect how voters and democracy has changed. With distrust in politics on the rise and tribal ties breaking down, the challenge for Labour and political parties is more than simply winning an election, said Steve […]
18 Feb 2016

Breathing new life into Welsh politics

With great power, comes a great need for accountability. While not the catchiest slogan in the world, as Wales gets more powers this year it’s going to become a truism. Today ERS Cymru are launching our first manifesto - calling on parties to get behind votes at 16, online voting pilots and a monthly ‘Citizens’ Question Time’ in the Assembly in the run up to May’s Assembly election. With the […]
4 Feb 2016

Leanne Wood: We need a Welsh Representation of the People Act

This is a guest blog by Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru. The opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Electoral Reform Society. This week the Electoral Reform Society organised a debate event in Aberystwyth on democracy. As the keynote speaker, I was given the opportunity to outline Plaid Cymru’s proposals for opening up and making our government […]
15 Jul 2015

Young people in Wales back votes at 16 – and political education

[Gallwch ddarllen y blog yma yn y Gymraeg] As the Welsh Assembly publish their major report on votes at 16 today , the young people of Wales have spoken. And it is a clear message – young people want a vote. With 10,375 young people consulted, the results show 53% of young respondents in favour of votes at 16; 29% against; with 18% stating ‘don’t know’. These are the findings of a six month […]
17 Jun 2015

Don't let fewer Welsh County Councils mean less democracy for Wales

[ Gallwch ddarllen y blog yma yn y Gymraeg ] Today, Public Services Minister Leighton Andrews announces the new proposed map for Local Authorities in Wales, with plans to reduce the number of County Councils from 22 to 8 or 9. This follows the recent White Paper ‘Power to Local People’ which outlined ways to ensure communities had a say in decisions that affect them. Electoral Reform Society (ERS […]
16 Jun 2015

Implementing the Donaldson Review in Wales

Following the announcement by Education minister Huw Lewis that the Donaldson Review would be implemented in full, our education adviser Rhodri Griffiths examines the Donaldson Review on Education in Wales and asks: ‘how can young people become informed citizens of Wales and the world?’ Welsh Government’s decision to accept the findings and implement the recommendations of Professor Donaldson’s […]
4 Mar 2015

#MergerHeWrote: Peter Davies on democracy and the Future Generations Bill

Fresh from launching the ‘ Wales We Want’ report outlining the findings of a major consultation exercise on what kind of country people want for future generations, Peter Davies, Commissioner for Sustainable Futures outlines how the Welsh Government’s Future Generations Bill could improve democracy. Sustainable Development (SD) has been a distinctive dimension in the devolution process for Wales […]
27 Feb 2015

Devo Next

David Cameron and Nick Clegg were in Wales this morning, announcing further powers to be devolved to the Assembly. The UK Government is proposing to devolve control over elections to the National Assembly which would see AMs handed power to: Change the voting system for Assembly and local elections Introduce votes at 16 for Assembly and local elections Increase the number of AMs to cope with […]
4 Feb 2015

#MergerHeWrote: Leighton's Localism

In the first article of the ‘Merger, He Wrote’ series, Steve Brooks director of the Electoral Reform Society Cymru reflects on the Welsh Government’s new white paper on local democracy. For the last two decades, the story of Welsh devolution has been about the transfer of power from Westminster to Cardiff Bay. Little real thought was given to further devolution from Cardiff Bay to local councils […]
30 Jan 2015

A steampunk system

This is a guest post by Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Simon Thomas, discussing his recent speech on young people and democracy for ERS Cymru. The views, opinions and positions expressed within are those of the author alone and do not represent those of the Electoral Reform Society. I was 15 when the first referendum on Welsh devolution was held, and I so much wanted to vote. 58% voted in 1979 and […]