Welsh Assembly

27 Mar 2017

The Brexit deficit

If there was a ‘word cloud’ of popular news topics over the last twelve months then ‘Brexit’ would be front, centre and in bold. Since last June’s referendum the topic has dominated headlines, been the focus of family discussions over the dinner table, and of course the workloads in Westminster and beyond. On Monday the Institute for Government published a report highlighting the dominance of […]
2 Feb 2017

Senedd reform and local PR: an exciting week for Welsh democracy

As the political world shifts from its axis in a tumultuous first month of 2017, you’d be forgiven for missing on some other developments in the electoral reform agenda in Wales. Whisper it, but all in all, this has been a remarkable week. Two developments are advancing our cause significantly – and are the culmination of ERS’ long-term campaigns. First, the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government […]
1 Dec 2016

Building a stronger National Assembly, or why 'We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat...'

Given the tidal waves that have rocked our politics this year, it may seem an unusual time to be discussing the need for more Assembly Members. In a year of populist shocks and rhetoric, the call for more AMs is difficult, and to many, treacherous waters indeed. But it is also necessary. The political weather has changed, making the challenge of ensuring the Assembly can navigate the new seas we […]
30 Nov 2016

Wedi Brexit, mae’n hen bryd cael Senedd mwy a chryfach

'Boed i chi fyw mewn cyfnod difyr' medd yr hen dywediad Tseiniaidd. A ni all neb gwadu ein bod yn gwneud hynny ar hyn o bryd: mae Brexit, systemau pleidiol mewn fflwcs, a chyfansoddiad mewn cynnwrf i gyd yn marcio amser newydd ar gyfer y DU. Ond gyda phwerau allai fod yn arwyddocaol yn debygol o fynd i Gynulliad Cymru wedi i Brydain adael yr Undeb Ewropeaidd, a gyda’r Mesur Cymru ar hyn o bryd am […]
27 Sep 2016

Please, sir, can we have some more? The Welsh Programme for Government

Mae fersiwn Cymraeg o’r blog yma ar gael yma When the Welsh Government announced its Programme for Government would be delayed for 100 days, my expectations were raised. Taking into account of the huge tectonic shift in Brexit, a new UK leadership, and following the Assembly arithmetic, its’ necessarily more inclusive approach to working with other parties, this seemed a logical way forward. […]
31 May 2016

An electric few weeks in Wales…So what’s next?

Yn y Gymraeg yma Phew! Well, we’re not used to political drama in Cardiff Bay of the scale witnessed over the past few weeks. With the election resulting in Labour winning 29 of 60 seats, the tie between Labour’s Carwyn Jones and Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood for First Minister was highly unexpected, even to the most seasoned commentators. So amid all the sound and fury, what does this mean for […]
25 Apr 2016

A stagnating Senedd?

Mae fersiwn Cymraeg o’r blog yma ar gael yma // A Welsh-language version of this blog is available here Read ‘ Women in the National Assembly ’ here In general, diversity in Parliaments is on the rise across the UK and the world. But it’s by no means inevitable, or uniform – and making our often archaic institutions reflect the public they represent takes hard work. So it’s always disappointing […]
18 Apr 2016

Let's make sure every voice is heard in Wales

There are now just a couple of weeks until the Welsh Assembly election. Parties are coming out with their policies for the next Assembly thick and fast. So we’re calling on parties to revitalise democracy in Wales. We’re already making a difference: The Welsh Lib Dems have pledged to support our Youth Promise – six policies to boost youth engagement in politics. Plaid Cymru and Wales Green Party […]
15 Apr 2016

A diverse democracy: Building a Wales for all

Read ‘A Diverse Democracy: Building a Wales for All’ here At its heart, democracy is a celebration of variety. Democracy requires that arguments are tested, scrutinised and checked, from inception to delivery. That’s why it’s important that the backgrounds of those doing that are as diverse as possible – to get the broadest perspectives based on the facts and the experiences of people in Wales. […]
12 Apr 2016

Gadewch y Golau i Mewn: Sut i gael gwleidyddiaeth fwy agored i Gymru

Mewn wythnos pan fu gwleidyddion yng Nghymru a ledled y DU yn datgan eu sefyllfa ariannol yn dilyn rhyddhau'r 'Panama Papers', heddiw rydym yn falch i lawnsio ein “ miniffesto ” ar gwneud llywodraeth fwy agored i Gymru. Rydym yn credu ei bod yn amser i 'adael y golau i mewn' ar bob agwedd o wleidyddiaeth Cymru, wrth i'r Cynulliad ennill mwy o bwerau a chyfrifoldebau. Fel y dywedwn yn ein […]