7 Dec 2016

Cutting numbers can’t be the end of the road for Lords reform

It’s a sad but true fact that, in general, it’s not good news that brings the need for Lords reform to the fore in British politics. But on Monday, a packed chamber of Peers gathered to discuss the need to cut the size of the upper house. And while few would have followed the whole debate , it was by all measures a lively discussion, with nearly 60 Peers putting their names down to speak. Because […]
2 Dec 2016

Missing in Richmond: voter choice

Well, the results are in. Campaigners campaigned, and voters voted. But not all was well. Because the elephant in the room in this by-election was the absence of something that should be a given in any 21 st century: real voter choice. That’s because three parties – UKIP, the Conservatives and the Greens – took the decision to stand aside to turn this into a two-horse race, in this case between […]
1 Dec 2016

Adeiladu Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cryfach ("Ni mynd i fod angen cwch mwy...")

Adeiladu Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cryfach ( "Ni mynd i fod angen cwch mwy...") O ystyried y swnami sydd wedi siglo ein gwleidyddiaeth y flwyddyn hon, gall ymddangos yn amser anffodus i drafod yr angen am fwy o Aelodau Cynulliad. Mewn blwyddyn o sioc a rhethreg poblyddol, mae'r galw am fwy o ACau yn un anodd, ac i lawer yn ddyfroedd dwfn, peryglus iawn. Ond mae hefyd yn angenrheidiol. Mae'r hinsawdd […]
1 Dec 2016

Building a stronger National Assembly, or why 'We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat...'

Given the tidal waves that have rocked our politics this year, it may seem an unusual time to be discussing the need for more Assembly Members. In a year of populist shocks and rhetoric, the call for more AMs is difficult, and to many, treacherous waters indeed. But it is also necessary. The political weather has changed, making the challenge of ensuring the Assembly can navigate the new seas we […]
30 Nov 2016

Wedi Brexit, mae’n hen bryd cael Senedd mwy a chryfach

'Boed i chi fyw mewn cyfnod difyr' medd yr hen dywediad Tseiniaidd. A ni all neb gwadu ein bod yn gwneud hynny ar hyn o bryd: mae Brexit, systemau pleidiol mewn fflwcs, a chyfansoddiad mewn cynnwrf i gyd yn marcio amser newydd ar gyfer y DU. Ond gyda phwerau allai fod yn arwyddocaol yn debygol o fynd i Gynulliad Cymru wedi i Brydain adael yr Undeb Ewropeaidd, a gyda’r Mesur Cymru ar hyn o bryd am […]
29 Nov 2016

After Brexit, it's time for a bigger, stronger Senedd

‘May you live in interesting times’ goes the old Chinese curse. And few could deny that we do: Brexit, a party system in flux, and a constitution in tumult all mark new times for the UK. But with potentially significant powers going to the Welsh Assembly after Britain leaves the EU, and with the current Wales Bill set to shake up the Senedd, it’s interesting times especially for Wales. With […]
18 Nov 2016

Amid a shrinking Commons, let's stand up for the backbencher

This article was first published on A steady rise in independent-minded MPs has been a positive feature of Westminster life in recent years. Parliament has always had its share of mavericks and their ranks have been refreshed by backbenchers who entered the Commons in 2015. This Parliament Week is a time to celebrate them. But this year in particular, it’s a time to stick up for […]
17 Nov 2016

Cutting the number of MPs will have consequences. Let’s get this right

This article was first published in the Times You might have forgotten about it, but the government’s boundary review – the redrawing of the area that your MP represents – is still going ahead, and it’s happening alongside a cut to the number of MPs, from 650 to 600. We can reveal that the new limits could, if not done right, have some unexpected, and unwanted, consequences. Our research for […]
9 Nov 2016

Maine makes history as first state to back fair votes

As the world analyses the result of the US Presidential election, there's one result you might have missed. On Tuesday one state made a symbolic breakthrough: Maine became the first US state to scrap First Past the Post. The northern New England state passed an initiative to introduce 'ranked voting' - the Alternative Vote system that allows people to pick candidates by order of preference. With […]
9 Nov 2016

How Trump won the Presidency despite not winning the most votes

So that sure was an election. Whatever happened in the US presidential election it was always going to be a historic moment. On Tuesday I pointed out that Donald Trump could win the Presidency even if he did not win the most votes . Trump decisively won the electoral college, and therefore the Presidency. But Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes . Clinton won the popular vote by […]