3 May 2010

Where to with coalitions?

Talk is now firmly on coalition building. But how do you start? The idea that the party with most votes has the ‘strongest’ mandate must be treated with caution as our voting system gives a very distorted picture. This is not a national contest for a national leader. This is a series of 650 local contests for local representatives, under a blunt winner takes all system. That’s why both main […]
22 Apr 2010

Gambling on change

Which site would you go to first when you log in of a morning to see how the parties are faring? It might help to limit the field to just two: UK Polling Report and Politcal Betting . Polling or Gambling? Which discipline is it to be? Well national polls have to be taken with a few dozen pinches of salt because of the system. The popular vote after all is meaningless thanks to First-Past-the-Post […]
8 Apr 2010

Follow the Leader

We guested on Newsnight Scotland last night with our story about all the seats where the campaign is already over. And they picked a pretty arresting comparison for their intro. And we're wishing we'd thought of it first... Why is much of Scotland like Mississippi at election time? they asked. Because their voters are invisible too. So we had a little look across the pond. Our US opposite numbers […]
6 Apr 2010

One Country, Two Parilaments, Two Elections

Gordon Brown has finally confirmed what we’ve all known for months. We’re facing a general election on May 6 th But what could be a better way to get started than to start crunching some of the numbers – on the 382 MPs who’ve already won office, no campaign required. Here's a taster. So with the starter’s pistol fired, we know the results in most of our parliament. Well think of it as the […]