27 Sep 2016

Please, sir, can we have some more? The Welsh Programme for Government

Mae fersiwn Cymraeg o’r blog yma ar gael yma When the Welsh Government announced its Programme for Government would be delayed for 100 days, my expectations were raised. Taking into account of the huge tectonic shift in Brexit, a new UK leadership, and following the Assembly arithmetic, its’ necessarily more inclusive approach to working with other parties, this seemed a logical way forward. […]
26 Sep 2016

Why PR must be at the heart of Labour's reform agenda: Katie Ghose at #Lab16

The following is based on Katie Ghose’s speech at the launch of the Fabian Society’s new report on democratic reform ('Politics by People') at Labour Party conference on the 25 th September. You can read about the Fabians’ democracy charter, signed by over 50 senior labour movement figures, here: Firstly, thank you to the Fabian Society and the Joseph Rowntree […]
23 Sep 2016

Why cutting the number of MPs could cut democratic scrutiny too

Last week we saw the first proposals for the new constituency boundaries, drawn up by the Boundary Commission. It’s certainly caused a stir – with allegations flying around about which parties it will hit harder, whether it will even happen, and who stands to lose their seats in the shakeup. But less commented on was the fact that this is all taking place as part of a cut in the number of MPs – […]
20 Sep 2016

5 simple ways to improve how we do democracy

It seems like the distant past now, but in the few weeks up to the registration deadline for the EU referendum, more than 1.35 million people applied to register. On the day of the deadline, 525,000 people applied to register to vote. And then, when the website crashed around midnight and the government extended the deadline to register, 400,000 applied to vote. All big numbers. The thing is, a […]
14 Sep 2016

This boundary review risks skewing our democracy. It’s time to think again

It’s fair to say the boundary review has caused a stir. Why? Let’s start with the whole basis of this shakeup. The boundary redrawing is being conducted on the basis of registered electors - rather than the actual eligible population. here's seven reasons why that risks skewing our democracy: 1. Areas with the lowest levels of registration are often those that already have the least voice in […]
7 Sep 2016

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith Quizzed on Democratic Reform

The Labour leadership election is in full swing, with the vote closing on Wednesday 21 st September. At the ERS, we’re running Q&As with the leadership candidates for the Labour Party. On Tuesday we published our Q&A with UKIP , who are also in the midst of a leadership election, and last month we quizzed the Green Party’s leadership candidates on democratic reform too – see the answers […]
7 Sep 2016

The next four years for reform: our 2020 strategy

Over the past few years, the Electoral Reform Society has gone from strength to strength. As the world’s oldest pro-democracy organisation, we have a long history of fighting to build a better democracy. And now we’ve reached an exciting new chapter in that history. At the ERS we want to build a democracy fit for the 21st century. So we’re proud to be taking our work to the next level, with the […]
6 Sep 2016

ERS Quiz UKIP's Leadership Candidates on Democratic Reform

UKIP’s leadership election is in full swing, with the results announced on the 16 th September. At the ERS, we’re running Q&As with the leadership candidates for UKIP – as well as the Labour Party, which is also currently in the midst of a leadership election. Last month we quizzed the Green Party’s leadership candidates on democratic reform too – see the answers here . We’ve asked UKIP’s […]
5 Sep 2016

Referendums are in vogue - so let's get them right

Referendums are becoming increasingly popular, internationally and domestically. Since the first UK referendum in 1975, the UK has held three nationally, and 11 in UK countries or English regions, with even more at a local level. And since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, two national referendums, a Scottish Independence referendum, and a Welsh devolution referendum have all been held. It […]
1 Sep 2016

Doing referendums differently

There’s no denying it: referendums have become a central feature of our politics. So it’s about time we started thinking seriously about how we should run them. Since 2011 we have had two UK-wide referendums (on voting reform and membership of the European Union), a Scottish independence referendum, and a Welsh referendum on devolution of powers. The UK is in an extended period of constitutional […]