5 Jul 2016

Tactical Tories: The Conservative leadership election explained

Charley Jarrett is Policy & Public Affairs Officer at the Electoral Reform Society and Secretary of Conservative Action for Electoral Reform . On Thursday at midday nominations closed for the Conservative Party leadership contest. It’s been a week of high drama in politics – and many of you will have your views on the candidates (and those who aren’t candidates) – but how do Conservative […]
5 Jul 2016

5 things this EU vote has taught us about referendums

Whichever way you feel about the result, most people are glad the EU referendum campaign is over. To put it diplomatically, it wasn’t the highest quality debate in the world. Particularly for those on the losing side, referendums can seem like the worst way to do democracy – an instrument that leaves as many dissatisfied as satisfied with the result. But referendums aren’t good or bad in […]
4 Jul 2016

In Australia, as in the UK, the voting system is at breaking point

In 2010 Australia delivered its first hung parliament since 1940. A seemingly freak one-off, the election followed a period of unrest in the incumbent Labor Party (ALP) who had replaced their Prime Minister Kevin Rudd after just two and a half years in the job. The opposition Liberals had themselves faced major internal tensions – but shocked observers by running the ALP close. A hung parliament […]
1 Jul 2016

Brexit and our broken electoral system

This is a guest blog, originally published by Noel Longhurst . The opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Electoral Reform Society. Ever since the result of the EU referendum became clear early last Friday morning, those on the side of Remain have sought to point the finger of blame. Depending on your particular perspective, Leave voters, David […]
30 Jun 2016

We can do referendums better in the UK. Here's how.

This article was first published by Times Red Box Last week’s referendum raised some serious questions about the nature of the democracy we have – and the type we want to create. Unlike other countries, in the UK we do referendums on an ad hoc basis, often to resolve (or try to resolve) internal party rifts. Nowhere was that more clearly seen than with the EU vote. But given the current post- […]
24 Jun 2016

The referendum can't be the end of the road for public engagement

Referendums are the ultimate public poll – giving all registered voters a direct say over a major decision of national importance. And yesterday 33 million voters took part in the EU referendum, the highest turnout in any UK-wide election since 1992 at 72%. This was a monumental decision that will have ramifications for decades to come. Referendums can be advisory, but in all recent UK examples […]
22 Jun 2016

One day left to get clued up about your #EUref vote

The below is an open letter to voters for the last day before the referendum by a number of organisations who have been pushing for a better referendum debate. Voting requires confidence and a decent, informed debate. For the past few months, our organisations have been pushing tools to help create that debate. Today is your last chance to get clued up before you vote tomorrow. Sadly, polling […]
16 Jun 2016

Let’s not settle for a low #EUref turnout

It’s generally a fool’s game to predict poll turnout. But there are some signs which can give you a clue. One is how likely people they are to say they’ll vote. Today – with a week to go before the referendum - it’s been revealed that just 62% of Brits say they’ll definitely vote in the EU referendum. Despite this being in many ways being more important than any General Election – it’s a once-in- […]
14 Jun 2016

In the dark on the EU referendum? Clue yourself up for June 23rd

With just nine days until the referendum, there’s still millions of people who feel left in the dark. This month we published polling showing that only 24% of voters say they feel ‘well’ or ‘very well’ informed about the EU referendum. And 22% of people still haven’t had any contact at all about the vote – despite the government’s pro-EU mail-out to every household in April and an Electoral […]
10 Jun 2016

The public are switched off by #EUref ‘big beasts’

The past few months have seen the campaigns – perhaps understandably - wheel out the ‘big beasts’ from the various parties in an attempt to bring people over. But polling by BMG Research which we commissioned and have released today shows that almost all interventions from heavy-hitting Leave and Remain figures have made people more likely to vote to vote the other way, or had no impact, perhaps […]