Local Government

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Democracy, diversity and English devolution. Looking forward to the 2017 Metro-Mayor elections

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2012 Scottish Local Government Elections

Report and Analysis, by Professor John Curtice.

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Democracy Max

Report of the first phase of the Democracy Max programme

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English Local Elections 2011

Report and Analysis. By Magnus Smidak and Andy White

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Working with the Single Transferable Vote

A report for Parties and Councillors. By Dr Martin Steven

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What is the Single Transferable Vote?

The Single Transferable Vote explained.

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Local Authority Elections in Scotland

Assessing the impact of the first use of STV in Scottish council elections. Report and Analysis by Lewis Baston

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Local Authority Elections in England

Report and Analysis by Gertrud Malmersjo

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Campaigning under STV

A guide for agents and parties in Scotland.

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Burnley and the BNP

Extremism and the case for reform

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