Fair Franchise

Fair Franchise
A Fair Franchise
Putting voters first

Fair Franchise

We are working to ensure that everyone in Britain has access to free, fair and equal representation.

A 'fair franchise' means improving our voting system, both at the local and national level, to ensure that all votes count. It means widening the franchise so that young people can exercise their rights as citizens. And it means fairer electoral boundaries and a voter registration system that works.

We are working across party lines to get a better deal for citizens. Fair representation is at the heart of our mission to build a better democracy in Britain.

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Some votes are worth 22 times more than others. Find out how much yours is worth.
One-party states. Uncontested seats. There's something very wrong with local government in England and Wales.
Lowering the voting age. Our best chance to engage young citizens in their democracy.
We're looking at the biggest change to voter registration since the Universal Franchise. It has to be done right
Finding the right way to produce fair and equal boundaries, that can best represent our diverse communities in parliament.