Make Seats Match Votes

First Past The Post: A broken system
Why the system needs to change

Make Seats Match Votes

First Past the Post is bad for voters, bad for government and bad for democracy.

The system we use to elect our MPs has a real impact on Britain. It has a direct effect on government policy and whether we can hold them to account if they let us down.

First Past the Post is the worst possible system for electing our representatives. We want to see a fairer, more proportional voting system that makes seats match votes.

The 2015 General Election

The current system means:

  • Many of our votes just don’t count. The votes of millions of people have no impact on the composition of parliament. Our votes are wasted by the system.
  • Seat don't match votes. The proportion of MPs in Parliament for each party bears little relation to the number of people who vote for them.
  • MPs can speak for the many with support from the few. Most MPs can be elected to Parliament even though the vast majority of voters don’t want them.
  • Governments can make major decisions with only minority support.
  • A divided Britain. The UK is being artificially devided, with whole parts of the country becoming ‘electoral deserts’ where parties have no representation despite having real support. Just ask Labour supporters across the South or Conservatives in Wales.  

Read former ERS Council member Michael Meadowcroft's The Politics of Electoral Reform.

It's time that parliament's seats matched our votes
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