Who runs Britain?

who runs britain
Who runs Britain?
Making parliament look like the country it serves

Who runs Britain?

Our parliament is supposed to represent us. But it isn't up to the job.

Evidence shows our MPs are being drawn from a narrowing pool of professional politicians. Women, minorities and entire social groups are losing out on their voice in Westminster. We need a more diverse House of Commons.

The House of Lords is still unelected, making a mockery of our democracy.

And the way or political parties are funded gives cause for serious concern.

From the national to local level, our institutiions are not reflecting the people and diverse communities they are designed to serve. And our politics is poorer as a result.

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Unelected and ever expanding the current House of Lords remains an afront to democracy in Britain.
The shocking absence of women from frontline politics is the clearest evidence of a parliament that does not truly represent the nation. Find out what parties and parliament need to do about it.
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With the social background of MPs narrowing with each election, why the time has time to talk about class.