21 Aug 2015

Taking advantage of the Greek electoral law

Greece will return to the polls on September 20th. This is the third nationwide poll this year, after an earlier election in January and a referendum in June. It is also the fourth general election in 3 years, after two were also held in 2012. I have blogged here before about the Greek electoral system’s odd attempt to force artificial majorities out of pluralities by giving 50 bonus seats to the […]
26 Jan 2015

'Reinforcing' Syriza

Much excitement in the European press today as Greece’s left-wing, Eurosceptic and anti-austerity Syriza has come two seats short of an absolute majority in the Greek parliamentary election, allowing them to form a coalition with the right-wing, Eurosceptic Independent Greeks. Yet Syriza won only 36.3% of the vote, giving them 49.7% of the seats. And together the two parties have only 41.1% of […]