6 Jun 2013

China on the the Irwell

Guest writer Stephen Kingston is editor of the Salford Star For the past week Salford Star - a seven year old award winning community publication once in print and now online – has been on strike. We have no bosses and, as volunteers, we don’t get paid, so the idea of going on strike seems like madness. On strike against who? On strike against what? We are on strike to show what Salford would be […]
26 Apr 2012

Examining the case for directly elected mayors

Does Bristol, Birmingham or Bradford want a Boris? We find out next Thursday when these and seven other English cities give voters a choice as to whether to adopt the directly elected mayor model. Yet just days before the poll, there is little understanding of what benefit directly elected mayors might bring, what their role and powers are likely to be and what, if anything, they will do to […]